New 90210 Season 5,Episode 4 Spoilers & Sneak Peek Clips Released

Last night, CW dropped the new spoilers and sneak peek,clip (below) for their upcoming “90210” episode 4 of season 5,and it looks like things will get real interesting as Adrianna starts having feelings for new guy ,Taylor,which is sure to cause major drama with Dixon,and more. The episode is labeled, “Into the Wild.”

In the new,5th episode, Naomi will plan a romantic getaway with Max, with the intentions of telling him that Alec kissed her, but when Max persuades Naomi to perform a trust-building exercise, she is going to freak out when she’s unable to complete it. Silver is going to discover nude pictures from her photo shoot, have been posted on the internet, and receives help removing them from Annie’s new prospect, Collin.

Liam will enroll in Lindsey’s business law class. However, she will assume he’s not serious about his education. Liam’s new costar, Kendall, will harass him to begin a relationship with her for publicity. In response, Liam will attempt to escape by going camping with Navid and Dixon. When Liam goes missing in the woods, Kendall seizes the opportunity to alert the media to find him.

Meanwhile, Dixon will encourage Adrianna to hire Taylor to create her new music video concept. Taylor is going to dare Adrianna to show him how sexy she can be, causing her to realize that she has feelings for him. Episode 4 airs Monday,October 29th at 7pm central time on the CW. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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