HBO Revealed New True Blood Season 5 Sam,Luna Intense Spoiler,Teaser Clip

sam and luna in true blood season 5  image

As previously reported,True Blood season 5 is scheduled to debut this summer in June,and HBO has revealed another new sneak peek,clip (below) for the new season,and it looks very interesting as it features a very intense,emotional scene with characters Sam and Luna.

In the clip,Sam is trying to comfort a very upset Luna as it appears that some people she’s close to,were murdered. At one point,Luna starts balling her eyes out,and Sam tries to ask her if there’s anything he can do to help comfort her. Then,all of a sudden,they hear a very loud noise,which causes them to both look up out of curiosity and a little fear mixed in too. Check it out,below.

In related news,a couple of other clips came out that feature Lafayette,telling Alcide to get out of he and Sookie’s lives. The other one shows Terry Bellefleur about to get shot,and in great danger. It’s pretty wild. Season 5 debuts on June 10th,2012. Stay tuned.

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