New Batman Vs Superman Movie Release Date Delayed For Almost A Year,New Details

New Revenge Season 3,Episode 14 Intense Spoiler Promo Clip Arrived

New American Horror Story Season 3,Finale Episode 13 Official Spoilers,Storyline Released


New ‘Skyfall’ James Bond Movie Trailer Released Online Other Day

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The other day, Columbia Pictures dropped the brand new movie trailer (below) for their upcoming James Bond/action flick “Skyfalls,” and it looks pretty cool featuring some pretty explosive action scenes as Bond tries to kill up a bunch of men before they kill him .

It stars: Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Dame Judi Dench, Naomie Harris, Berenice Marlohe, Ralph Fiennes, Albert Finney, Ben Whishaw, Helen McCrory, Ola Rapace,and Tonia Sotiropoulou.

In the new movie, Daniel Graig dons the impressive suit, once again, to play character James Bond, who’s loyalties to M are tested as her past comes back to haunt her. Read more »

Nikita Season 3 Is Officially Confirmed And New Spoilers Are Coming

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Recently, showrunner Craig Silverston,confirmed the renewal of Nikita season 3,via Twitter,so we’ll get to see what Nikita does when she helps out with running the new,Percy-Free,Division and what evil Amanda is up to. Craig wrote on Twitter, “Um, don’t know if y’all are interested but Nikita season 3 is ON!!!”

Nikita will also move to a new time on Fridays,slipping into the 8pm central time slot as Supernatural moves to Wednesday nights,and America’s Next Top Model takes over the 7pm,Friday night,time,slot. I definitely hope this means the end is near for Top Model to get canceled,because that awful show has been going on for too damn long.

In the next,upcoming days,we hope to get some new spoiler teases from the producer. Read more »

Supernatural Season 8 Is Officially Happening And New Spoilers Are On The Horizon

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Well,it’s official. According to reports CW has renewed veteran show Supernatural for an 8th season,so we’ll get to see if Dean makes it out of that hell hole of a place,alive,and why Castiel punked out on him and left him for dead down there. I swear,somebody needs to fix Castiel,pronto,because the retarded act is really beginning to wear thin.

Also,showrunner Sera Gamble is stepping down to focus more on the development side of things,and has already been replaced by former co-producer Jeremy Carver,so hopefully he’ll do a good job,and not screw things up.

Supernatural will also be switching nights by jumping to Wednesday nights at 8pm central time,right after their new “Arrow” show,which is a spin-off of “Green Arrow” from the former “Smallville” show. Read more »

Secret Circle,Ringer Canceled By The CW And Season 2 Plans Shattered

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According to a new report from TV Line,the CW has sadly canceled their new,hit shows Ringer and Secret Circle after their first,initial season runs. So any season 2 hopes you fans might have had, are totally crushed.

It sucks too,because they found some sort of reason to renew that awful “Hart of Dixie” show for a season 2. That show just probably had a small budget or something. That’s the only reason I can think of as to why it would make the cut over SC and Ringer.

Anyways,on a good note,CW did renew veteran shows: Gossip Girl,Supernatural,Nikita,Vampire Diaries,and 90210. Gossip Girl will be entering its 6th and final season. Supernatural will be running its 8th season. Read more »

ABC Revenge Finale Episode 22 Intense Spoilers Revealed

ABC Television recently dropped the new season 1 finale spoilers for their new,hot, show “Revenge,” and it looks pretty intense as Emily continues to carry out the last phases of her scandalous revenge plot,and more. The episode is titled, “Reckoning.” We also threw in a sneak peek clip (below).

In the new “Reckoning” episode, with the end in sight, Emily will fearlessly push forward, closing in on the final phases of her plan for revenge. The Graysons are going to continue their downward spiral into the rabbit hole of self-destruction.

However, a big, explosive event will leaves much hanging in the balance. Courses will get altered and even more is left in question. Emily is spotted,revealing that she might not make it out of this thing,alive. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Elena To Struggle As New Vampire & More,New Spoilers

Vampire Diaries producer Julie Plec,recently chatted it up with TV Line,and dropped some very good season 4 spoiler teasers,pertaining to Elena as a new vampire. First she revealed that the crew is going to do everything they can to try and stop her from changing,but her vampire fate is inevitable. XEWYSVYRHXVX

Next, the new change is going to affect her in a lot of ways. “It changes everything for her. It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be a struggle. It’s going to illuminate a lot of things about who she is, and it’s going to screw with her head and her emotions. It’s going to be tough.”

However, Plec went on to reveal that we’re going to “get to see her try to rise above it and be a champion in spite of this. We’ll see how hard that is and how long it takes her to become a functioning vampire, if at all.” She also dropped a fun fact, that it was always in their plan to make Elena a vampire. It was just a matter of when,and they also contemplated doing it at the end of season 2,but that obviously didn’t pan out. Read more »

CW Gossip Girl Episode 23,Season 5 New Spoilers Revealed

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CW recently dropped the new spoilers for their upcoming “Gossip Girl” episode 23 of season 5,and things look pretty interesting as Chuck teams up with the girls Ivy and Lola for some vendetta action. We also have a little sneak peek,preview clip (below). The episode is titled, “The Fugitives.”

In the new “The Fugitive” episode,Blair will get Serena to be her stand-in at an important meeting when Blair finds herself needing to be in two places at the same time. Meanwhile, Ivy and Lola are going to team up to help Chuck with a personal vendetta.

Nate will make a decision about his future with hot cougar Diana Payne. Dan is spotted,asking Blair to spend the summer with him in Italy. Read more »

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart To Star In New Crazy Indie Action,Drama Flick Called Cali

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According to a new report from Variety, Twilight Saga main starlet Kristen Stewart is looking to expand her horizons with a new indie flick called “Cali,” and from the sounds of the description,it’s going to be a pretty crazy drama ride.

In the new flick, Kristen will play a character named Mya,who is a young woman that decides to fake her death with the help of her boyfriend,named Chris for a snuff movie,and then just runs away. However,she eventually returns to the San Fernando Valley to save her sisters.

Unfortunately, Mya runs into some majorly,crazy obstacles,which include: angry former business partners,homicidal porn stars,stoner vet techs,an unstoppable killing machine in a cowboy hat,and their own contentious relationship. So,yeah,it sounds pretty freaking wild. Read more »

CBS Big Brother 14 Already Set Premiere Date,Schedule & More

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According to a new report from Big Brother Network,CBS has already unvield the premiere date for its highly popular,summer, reality TV show “Big Brother” season 14. We can officially tell you guys that the season is scheduled to get underway on Thursday,July 12,2012 at 8pm central time.

They’re keeping the TV schedule the same as last year with the Sunday,Wednesday,and Thursday live eviction show line up. It will air at 7pm central time in the Sunday and Wednesday time slots. Of course,the internet live feeds will totally be back,so we can watch the houseguests every move as they try to lie,plot,and scheme their way to the $500,000 grand prize. Read more »

New Transformers 4 Movie Release Date Set,Shia LaBeouf Officially Not Returning & More

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According to a new report from Collider and their sources,more new info has come out about the highly anticipated, “Transformers 4” movie. Some of it’s good,and some of it’s not so good. First off,Paramount Pictures’ President of Production Adam Goodman officially confirmed that Shia LaBeouf definitely is not returning to the franchise for this one.

Ehren Kruger, who co-wrote Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,and took full credit for Transformers: Dark of the Moon, will return to write the 4th installment. Michael Bay is,of course,returning to direct it. They’ve already given it a release date of June 29th, 2014,which is way,way out there. They’re scheduled to start filming in the fall or winter 2012. Read more »