New Movies And Release Dates

Below,is an updated list of new,upcoming movies that are set to release on the release date they fall below,along with their run times. Be sure to bookmark this page as this list will constantly be updated with new movies and release dates.

2012 Movies | DVD Release Dates

October 5th 2012
Walt Disney Pictures, 87min, PG
Taken 2
20th Century Fox, 91min, PG-13
The Weinstein Company, 90min, R
The Oranges
Other, 90min, R
The Paperboy
Millennium Entertainment, 107min, R
Magnolia Pictures, 93min, R
Wuthering Heights
Oscilloscope Pictures, 129min, Unrated

Pitch Perfect
Universal studios

October 12th 2012
Warner Bros. Pictures, 120min, R
Here Comes the Boom
Sony Pictures, min, TBA
Summit Entertainment, 110min, R
3, 2, 1… Frankie Go Boom
Other, min, TBA
Atlas Shrugged Part 2
Other, 111min, TBA
Seven Psychopaths
CBS Films, 109min, R
Sony Pictures Classics, 85min, R
War of the Buttons
The Weinstein Company, 94min, PG-13

October 19th 2012
Alex Cross
Summit Entertainment, ??min, PG-13
Paranormal Activity 4
Paramount Pictures, ??min, TBA
Nobody Walks
Magnolia Pictures, 85min, R
The Sessions
Fox Searchlight, min, TBA

October 26th 2012
Chasing Mavericks
20th Century Fox, min, TBA
Cloud Atlas
Warner Bros. Pictures, 164min, R
Fun Size
Paramount Pictures, min, TBA
Silent Hill: Revelation
Screen Gems, min, R
The Loneliest Planet
IFC Releasing, 113min, Unrated

November 2nd 2012
Paramount Pictures, 138min, R

The Man with the Iron Fists
Universal Pictures, 96min, R

Wreck-It Ralph
Walt Disney Pictures, 108min, PG

The Bay
Roadside Attractions, 84min, R

The Details
The Weinstein Company, 101min, R

Jack and Diane
Magnolia Pictures, 110min, R

A Late Quartet
Entertainment One, 105min, R

This Must Be the Place
The Weinstein Company, 118min, R

Anchor Bay Films, 93min, PG-13

November 9th 2012
Skyfall (007)
Sony Pictures, 145min, PG-13

Other, 84min, R

In Their Skin
IFC Releasing, 97min, Unrated

Dreamworks Pictures, 150min, PG-13

A Royal Affair
Magnolia Pictures, 137min, R

November 16th 2012
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II
Summit Entertainment, 116min, PG-13

Anna Karenina
Focus Features, 130min, R

November 21st 2012
Life of Pi
20th Century Fox, 127min, PG

Red Dawn
FilmDistrict, 114min, PG-13

Rise of the Guardians
Dreamworks Pictures, 97min, PG

The Silver Linings Playbook
The Weinstein Company, 120min, R

November 23rd 2012
Fox Searchlight, PG-13

Rust and Bone
Sony Pictures Classics, 118min, R

November 30th 2012
Killing Them Softly
The Weinstein Company, 97min, R

December 7th 2012

Playing for Keeps,FilmDistrict, 95min, PG-13

Deadfall,Magnolia Pictures, 94min, R

The Fitzgerald Family Christmas,Other, ??min, TBA

Hyde Park on Hudson,Focus Features, 94min, R

In Our Nature, Other, 103min, Unrated

Lay the Favorite, The Weinstein Company, 103min, R

December 14th 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, New Line Cinema, 169min, PG-13

Any Day Now, Music Box Films, 97min, R

The Girl, Other, 95min, Unrated

Stand Up Guys, Lionsgate, 94min, R

December 19th 2012

The Guilt Trip, Paramount Pictures, 95min, PG-13

Monsters Inc. 3D, Walt Disney Pictures, 95min, G

Amour, Sony Pictures Classics, 127min, PG-13

Zero Dark Thirty, Sony Pictures, 157min, R

December 21st 2012

Jack Reacher, Paramount Pictures, 130min, PG-13

This Is 40, Universal Pictures, 134min, R

Barbara, Other, 105min, PG-13

The Impossible, Summit Entertainment, 107min, PG-13

Not Fade Away, Paramount Vantage, 112min, R

On the Road, IFC Releasing, 124min, R

December 25th 2012

Django Unchained, The Weinstein Company, 165min, R

Les Miserables, Universal Pictures, 157min, PG-13

Parental Guidance,20th Century Fox, 104min, PG

December 28th 2012

Promised Land,Focus Features, 140min, R

January 4th 2013

Texas Chainsaw 3D, Lionsgate, 95min, R

Crawlspace, IFC Releasing, ??min, Unrated

A Dark Truth, Magnolia Pictures, 106min, R

January 11th 2013

Gangster Squad ,Warner Bros. Pictures, 113min, R

A Haunted House ,Open Road Films, 86min, R

Quartet, The Weinstein Company, 94min, PG

Storage 24 ,Magnolia Pictures, 87min, R

Struck by Lightning, Tribeca Film, 84min, Unrated

January 18th 2013

Broken City ,20th Century Fox, 109min, R

The Last Stand ,Lionsgate, 107min, R

Mama, Universal Pictures, 100min, PG-13

Luv, Other, 94min, R

Officer Down, Anchor Bay Films, 97min, R

January 25th 2013

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Paramount Pictures, ??min, PG-13

Movie 43, 20th Century Fox, ??min, TBA

Parker, FilmDistrict, ??min, TBA

John Dies At The End, Other, ??min, TBA

February 1st 2013

Bullet to the Head, Warner Bros. Pictures, ??min, TBA

Warm Bodies, Summit Entertainment, ??min, TBA

The Gatekeepers, Sony Pictures Classics, ??min, TBA

Girls Against Boys, Anchor Bay Films, ??min, TBA

The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia, Lionsgate, ??min, TBA

February 6th 2013

Caesar Must Die, Other, ??min, TBA

February 8th 2013

Identity Thief, Universal Pictures, ??min, TBA

Side Effects, Open Road Films, ??min, TBA

A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, Other, ??min, TBA

The Playroom, Freestyle Releasing, ??min, TBA

The Sorcerer and the White Snake, Magnolia Pictures, ??min, TBA

Top Gun 3D, Paramount Pictures, ??min, TBA

February 14th 2013

Beautiful Creatures,Warner Bros. Pictures, ??min, PG-13

Escape From Planet Earth, The Weinstein Company, ??min, TBA

A Good Day to Die Hard, 20th Century Fox, ??min, TBA

Safe Haven, Relativity, ??min, TBA

February 15th 2013

Like Someone in Love, IFC Releasing, ??min, TBA

No, Sony Pictures Classics, ??min, TBA

February 22nd 2013

Dark Skies, Dimension Films, ??min, TBA

Snitch, Summit Entertainment, ??min, TBA

March 1st 2013

21 and Over, Relativity, ??min, TBA

Jack the Giant Slayer ,Warner Bros. Pictures, ??min, TBA

The Last Exorcism Part II, CBS Films, ??min, TBA

Stoker, Fox Searchlight, ??min, TBA

Phantom, Other, ??min, TBA

March 8th 2013

Admission, Focus Features, ??min, PG-13

Dead Man Down, FilmDistrict, ??min, R

Oz The Great and Powerful, Walt Disney Pictures, ??min, TBA

The ABCs of Death, Magnolia Pictures, ??min, TBA

March 15th 2013

The Call, Sony Pictures, ??min, TBA

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, New Line Cinema, ??min, TBA

From Up On Poppy Hill, GKIDS, 91min, G

Ginger and Rosa, Other, ??min, TBA

K-11, Other, ??min, TBA

March 22nd 2013

The Croods, 20th Century Fox, ??min, TBA

Olympus Has Fallen, FilmDistrict, ??min, TBA

Eden, Other, ??min, TBA

Gimme the Loot, IFC Releasing, ??min, TBA

Love and Honor, IFC Releasing, ??min, TBA

March 29th 2013

G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Paramount Pictures, ??min, TBA

The Host, Open Road Films, ??min, TBA

The Place Beyond the Pines, Focus Features, ??min, R

Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, Lionsgate, ??min, PG-13

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