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Vampire Diaries Season 4 Bringing On New Sexy Werewolf To Cause Possible Mischief & Trouble

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It’s recently been reported by our sources that the Vampire Diaries season 4 folks have just hired a new actress to come on and play a very sexy,free spirited werewolf named Hayley,who may give werewolf character Tyler Lockwood a few problems this season. She’s going to be played by former Secret Circle actress Phoebe Tonkin.

Hayley is described as being a wild friend from Tyler’s past, who’s free-spirited and extremely sexy. She’s scheduled to make her first appearance in the 3rd episode of the season,and it’s reported that Tyler’s girlfriend Caroline Forbes may need to keep a close eye on her for sure. Read more »

New Pretty Little Liars Episode 10,Season 3 Spoilers Released With New Clips

Recently, ABC Family revealed the new spoilers for the upcoming “Pretty Little Liars” episode 10 of season 3,and it sounds pretty interesting as the girls close in on more information regarding Maya,and more.. The episode is called, “What Lies Beneath,” and we also have a couple of sneak peek clips (below).

In the new 10th episode, after finding out that Noel and his family’s cabin had something to do with “that night” and quite possibly Maya’s disappearance, the girls are going work to try and clue the pieces together.

Hanna and Emily are going to visit the Kahn family cabin to look for clues,which link Maya to the site, and Spencer will do a little snooping of her own on Noel. Read more »

New ‘Teen Wolf’ Finale Episode 12,Season 2 Wicked Spoilers Revealed With Clip

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Last night, MTV dropped the new spoilers for their upcoming “Teen Wolf” finale episode 12 of season 2,along with a very intense sneak peek,clip (below). The new episode is titled, “Master Plan,” and it looks pretty wicked as evil Gerard orders the Kanima to kill everyone,and more.

In the new 12th episode, a lethal new Allison is spotted getting the crap choked out of her,and it doesn’t look pretty. Derek is seen,going head to head again with the very vicious Kanima creature,while his other packmembers appear to be tied up,waiting to die.

Lydia and Stiles appear to get attacked while in the jeep. Then, all of a sudden, we hear Gerard screaming, “kill them all!” Read more »

New Teen Wolf Episode 11,Season 2 Wild Spoilers Revealed With New Clip

MTV recently, dropped the new spoilers for their upcoming “Teen Wolf” episode 11 of season 2,and they look pretty darn wild as Gerard will try to wreak havoc on the town now that he has control of Jackson/Kanima. The episode is entitled, “Battlefield” as much battling will definitely be going down,and more. We’ve also got a crazy sneak peek,clip (below).

In the new 11th episode , Stiles will get asked if he’s feeling any anxiety about the big game that’s going down. Then Scott learns that Jackson/Kanima is actually playing in the big game,prompting him to take immediate action.

Old man Gerard is spotted, threatening to do more killing now that he has control of the dreaded Kanima creature,and Allison is spotted all suited up in full hunting gear,firing off arrows like nobody’s business. Read more »

New Vampire Diaries Season 4 Preview Clip Released From Comic Con 2012

Recently, the Vampire Diaries season 4 folks, dropped this new season 4 preview clip when they visited the recent 2012 Comic-Con event this past month,and it looks pretty intense. Unfortunately,most of the intense scenes are just scenes from past seasons. However,towards the end, it looks like they featured a bit of new footage with Damon and Stefan. Check it out,below.

In related news, the new season is reportedly going to revolve much around Elena and her new journey,much like in season 1,but with a fresh perspective,according to Candice Accola aka vampire Caroline Forbes.

Producer Julie Plec also revealed to Entertainment Weekly that we should expect to see Damon give newly-turned vampire Elena a bit of the cold shoulder Read more »

Pretty Little Liars New Episode 9,Season 3 Spoilers Revealed

Recently, ABC Family, dropped a press release/spoilers for their upcoming “Pretty Little Liars” episode 9,and it sounds pretty interesting as Aria and Spencer get into another game with Jenna,and more. The episode is entitled, “The Kahn Game.”

In the new 9th episode, the Kahn brothers’ party may hold more answers for the girls than expected. Spencer and Aria are going to find themselves at the Kahn brothers’ party in hopes of saving Spencer’s college career. What originally was going to be a quick stop by to ask a favor of CeCe’s friend,is going to turn into an opportunity for Aria and Spencer to get some answers from Jenna with a heated game of Truth. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Elena To Do The Nasty With A Mystery Guy & More

Recently, the Vampire Diaries crew chatted it up with TV Guide,and revealed some new,season 4,interesting,spoilery,details. One of which, includes new vampire on the block Elena getting her freak on with a mystery guy,and more.

Producer Julie Plec said that early in the season, newly-turned vampire Elena is going have her first hot vampire sex with either Damon, Stefan, Klaus, Matt, or Elijah. Elena actress Nina Dobrev, chimed in to say, “It’s like she’s going through puberty and vampire sex is going to feel like her first time.” Read more »

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds Now Available With Free Trial

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Last night, the big premiere of CBS’ hit show Big Brother season 14,kicked off with a quickie eviction of contestant Jodi Rollins. Now, the traditional Big Brother live feeds are back,available,and better than ever with a free trial,and more

This year, the feeds can be viewed for free on mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, and the Android. They will also work on other devices with Flash support like the Kindle Fire. Flashback has been expanded to support some mobile devices, while chat has been integrated with feed viewing for iPad users.

So, basically, the rundown goes like this: free mobile access with no add-on required. Read more »

New Walking Dead Season 3 Spoiler Revealed Little Carl Ditches Childishness And Kicks Butt

carl grimes in the walking dead image

Recently, Shockya dropped a new,very interesting spoiler about character little Carl Grimes in season 3 of hit show “The Walking Dead.” Apparently, he’s going to put away his childishness,and become more productive. Producer Glen Mazzara said, Carl’s increased irresponsibility has come to an end. He will no longer wander in and out of dangerous situations, or inadvertently contribute to the deaths of other characters.

It wasn’t revealed why Carl makes this great change,but he does,and I guess that’s the most important thing. Mazzara went on to explain, “we’re interested in exploring Carl as a child soldier in this war against the walkers. He becomes a very, very effective, strong part of the group. He’s no longer the young child who needs to be cared for and who needs to be minded. That Carl is gone.” Read more »

Pretty Little Liars Episode 5,Season 3 Spoilers & Clip Revealed

Recently, ABC Family dropped the new spoilers and sneak peek,clip (below) for their upcoming “Pretty Little Liars” episode 5,and it sounds like things will get quite interesting when the girl’s suspicions are peeked by Jenna’s ultra extravagant birthday party bash,and more. The episode is titled, “That Girl is Poison.”

In the new 5th episode, Jenna’s extravagant birthday party will seem to be too good to be true. Aria, Emily, Hanna,and Spencer will start to think something else might be up, especially when it turns out that Garrett is getting a pass out of jail to visit his ailing mother on the same night.

The girls will also be convinced it all has something to do with “A” again. Emily will get an insiders’ view by working the party. Aria will work the crowd as a party-goer, and Spencer will stake out the hospital. Read more »