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Big Brother 14 Got Rid Of Frank & Joe Last Night For Week 9,Ian Is New HoH

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Last night, Big Brother season 14 had another live eviction episode that got rid of two more unhappy houseguests,and more. It kicked off with footage of what went down this past week. Basically, Frank got played by everyone as they made him feel like he was safe all week. However, that was the furthest thing from the truth.

Next, host Julie Chen revealed to the houseguests that it was a double-eviction episode. After that, nominees Frank and Joe gave their speeches. Then the houseguests casts their votes to evict. Dan,Danielle,and Shane voted to evict Frank, while Jenn voted to evict Joe. So, with a vote of 3-1, Frank made his way out of the house and onto Julie’s couch. He was pissed too,and didn’t hug anybody but Jenn on the way out. Read more »

Big Brother 14 Britney Haynes Got Eliminated Tonight In Week 8

Earlier tonight, the Big Brother season 14 live eviction show for week 8, went down,and unfortunately, it sent another unlucky houseguest off to the jury house. It kicked off with footage of what went down in the house this past week,along with the aftermath of Britney,getting put on the shopping block to replace Dan.

Of course Britney,cried up a storm. Then tried to show a little fight,but it just came across more like sad begging than an actual strategy. Her main man Ian got really upset,and started a shouting match with Frank. Then they showed funny footage of Britney, cracking jokes about Dan’s wicked betrayal of the Quack Pack.

From there, host Julie Chen,chatted with the housguests for a bit before showing a special video segment with the Brigade alliance from Big Brother 12: Enzo,Lane,Hayden,and Matt. They all talked about this season for a bit. Then Enzo said Britney needs to stop the tears,and start fighting more. Read more »

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds Now Available With Free Trial

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Last night, the big premiere of CBS’ hit show Big Brother season 14,kicked off with a quickie eviction of contestant Jodi Rollins. Now, the traditional Big Brother live feeds are back,available,and better than ever with a free trial,and more

This year, the feeds can be viewed for free on mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, and the Android. They will also work on other devices with Flash support like the Kindle Fire. Flashback has been expanded to support some mobile devices, while chat has been integrated with feed viewing for iPad users.

So, basically, the rundown goes like this: free mobile access with no add-on required. Read more »

CBS Big Brother 14 Already Set Premiere Date,Schedule & More

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According to a new report from Big Brother Network,CBS has already unvield the premiere date for its highly popular,summer, reality TV show “Big Brother” season 14. We can officially tell you guys that the season is scheduled to get underway on Thursday,July 12,2012 at 8pm central time.

They’re keeping the TV schedule the same as last year with the Sunday,Wednesday,and Thursday live eviction show line up. It will air at 7pm central time in the Sunday and Wednesday time slots. Of course,the internet live feeds will totally be back,so we can watch the houseguests every move as they try to lie,plot,and scheme their way to the $500,000 grand prize. Read more »