New American Horror Story Season 3,Finale Episode 13 Official Spoilers,Storyline Released

Recently, FX dished out the new,official,synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “American Horror Story” finale episode 13 of season 3. The episode is labeled, “The Seven Wonders,” and it sounds like things will definitely get very interesting and dramatic as the new Supreme will finally be revealed, things will go very wrong, and more!

In the new,13th finale episode press release: The time is going to come for the girls to face the test of the Seven Wonders. The night before, Myrtle will serve them one last meal together as equals. It’s going to be time to find the new Supreme, a witch who Cordelia hopes can lead the way out of an era of strife and chaos, towards repair and rejuvenation. With the Witch Hunters gone, perhaps they’ll even be able to live in the open.

As morning dawns, Madison will be feeling vulnerable yet full of steely determination, Queenie is going to have a hard time, believing she could be the one, Misty will be terrified, and a sober Zoe is going to put on dark lipstick like it’s war paint. The trials will begin, and Madison will dish snarky barbs at Zoe, followed by more violent intent as the trials go on. Misty will be surprised to find herself giddy at her own successes.

But tragedy will strike as the trials go very bad. Later on, as the new Supreme finally rises, she will find herself having to start her reign by performing a heartbreaking task. And lastly, before the Coven can return to strength and prominence, there is going to be one last piece of unfinished business for the new Supreme to attend to. The finale episode 13 is due to air on Wednesday night, January 29th at 10pm on FX.

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