Homeland Season 3 Is On The Way,New Spoilers To Be Revealed,Set For Spring 2013

Recently, the Huffington Post revealed that Showtime did indeed renew their hit drama show “Homeland” for a season 3,and it’s right around the corner as it’ll be coming back with 12 new episodes in the Spring 2013. This also means that you fans can expect to hear some new spoilers later on this week when the press hounds the producers for new spoiler teasers after the season 2 finale episode 12, airs tonight.

Showtime also revealed that Homeland season 2 ,brought in about 5.2 million viewers in just its first week,so it’s doing a kickass job with the ratings. In related news, the season 2 finale show will be filled with a ton of intense and steamy drama as Carrie and Brody totally lock lips again.

Then Saul is going to get super pissed at Carrie for getting too close to Brody as he thinks he’s nothing but trouble. Also, Carrie insults the hell out of Saul,so they just really go at it. Anyways, the season 2 finale airs tonight at 10pm on Showtime. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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