Sons Of Anarchy Season 6 Is On Its Way With New Future Spoilers

According to a past article from the Los Angeles Times, Sons Of Anarchy totally got renewed for a new season 6 way back in February 2012,and it also appears that it’s renewed for a season 7 as well,because the series creator ,Kurt Seller,hit up Twitter,back then, to reveal that he got a three-year deal for Sons of Anarchy.

He wrote, ” closed my deal for 3 more years on SOA. no headlines, no pushed schedule, no stealing from paul. thank you FX and 20th for your generosity.” However, this tweet was later deleted for some strange reason. Maybe it contained to much info for the viewing public.

Anyways,whatever the case, you guys can rest assured that Sons Of Anarchy will be back for a season 6 in the Fall of 2013,no doubt about it. Also, we’re expecting the traditional initial spoiler teasers to creep up later this week when the press hits up the producer for a season 5 finale interview. So, stay tuned for that. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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