James Bond Returns To Form In Skyfall

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The James Bond film franchise is celebrating 50 years this year and as part of that celebration we received the latest installment in the 007 saga, Skyfall. Daniel Craig returns for this third film as 007. His first installment was during the remake of Casino Royale, considered on of the top casino movies of all time. The last time we saw him, we were left wanting with the somewhat flat Quantum of Solace. Fortunately, we can say for certainty that James Bond is back to being Bond in Skyfall.

During the first part of the film, we wonder if this film will mark the end of James Bond as he is struggling with a midlife crisis, an alcohol problem, problems with his employer, and a gunshot wound from a botched assignment that nearly proves fatal. Then we soon discover that Bond still has that old swagger, but it took something big to bring it out. The MI6 is attacked and several are left dead. The botched mission that left Bond presumed dead actually had allowed him to retire, but the attack on MI6 brought him out of retirement to hunt down who did this.

This film also takes a deeper look at the character of M, played by Judi Dench. Skyfall marks the seventh, and final, time that she appears as the head of the MI6. During this film we learn more about M and how she is involved in what happened. This all leads to a deadly game of cat and mouse and both M and Bond seem to be the mouse.

Skyfall is a welcome return to the big action Bond films that many of us grew up watching in the past. It is filled with many twists and turns throughout that will leave most any Bond film lover clamoring for more. In addition, we finally find out the identify of Moneypenny during this film, but you can find that out on your own.

Daniel Craig finally comes into his own as James Bond during Skyfall and delivers a performance that is worth of the franchise’s 50th anniversary. If the franchise can take advantage of the momentum that they have gained by the presentation of Skyfall, then in another 50 years we very well could be talking about a century of James Bond films.

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