Kate Middleton Topless,Thong Photos Released And Look Damn Hot

     kate middleton topless thong nude image

A couple months back, a big scandal hit the net,featuring these beautiful topless/thong shots of the Duchess Kate Middleton. It,not surprisingly, really pissed off her man Prince William,and a whole legal thing ensued,but it never really went anywhere. However, they were able to get “Closer” magazine to take down the additional photos they had on their website.

A couple of other magazines have decided to republish the photos since then,and they continue to make their rounds all across the internet. The photos were taken while Kate was sunbathing with Prince William at the House on Windsor in the U.K. It was supposed to be private property and not exposed to the public,but the paparazzi chick was really good with her close-up lenses,I guess. Anyways,it’s now recently being reported that the photographer is about to get arrested for this.

During the revealing outing, Kate showed off all of her rockin bod,and at one point, William started rubbing oil on Kate’s butt,which was quite nice to say the least. Anyways, they didn’t know they were being photographed,so they’re really pissed. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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