Paranormal Activity 5 Movie Most Likely On It’s Way Plus Teaser Clip

paranormal activity 4 movie poster image

Alright,so now that we’ve all seen what Paranormal Activity 4 had to offer it’s time to explore the possibilities of a Paranormal Activity 5 flick going down. It looks like it’s definitely likely since it’s number one at the box office. Number one rule of thumb. As long as these movies keep making money,another sequel will probably follow it up. And since these Paranormal Activity movies don’t seem to ever have clear plotline,I imagine they could actually go on forever.

We also have a little proof to back up these claims. reported that Paramount Studios has already registered the domainn names:,,,and

Also, Bloody Disgusting has served up a clip they’re claiming is an actual teaser for Paranormal Activity 5. They said it aired after the ending credits of Paranormal Activity 4. You can check it out by Clicking Here. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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