90210 Season 5 Spoiler: Insane Jasper & Annie’s Evil Cousin Emily Coming Back

90210 jasper and emily image

Recently,Hollywood Life dropped some new, shocking spoilers for the 100th episode of CW’s hit show “90210” season 5. It turns out they’re going to give Annie some more troubles from the past by bringing back Annie’s crazy as hell boyfriend Jasper (Zachary Ray Sherman) and evil cousin Emily (Abbie Cobb) for this particular episode.

Jasper became quite obsessive,and tried to blackmail Annie back in season 2. Then in season 3, cousin Emily literally tried to steal Annie’s life away from here by stirring up false drama between Annie and her friends. No plot details have been given for Jasper and Emily’s return,but hopefully,they’ll make it wicked crazy.

Matt Lanter aka Liam also served up a spoiler statement: “We might see several past characters come back. We get a little bit of new information about what some of these characters have been up to. I think they really wanted to pull a lot together for the 100th episode, and I think they found an organic way to bring back a lot of characters that people loved and hated.” Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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