Revolution Episode 3,Season 1 New Spoilers Revealed With Sneak Peek Clip

Recently,NBC dropped the new set of spoilers for their upcoming “Revolution” episode 3 of season 1,and it looks like it’ll get quite intense again as Charlie wants to do some more hardcore fighting,Mile’s militia background gets exposed,and more. The episode is called, “No Quarter.” We’ve also added a new action-filled,sneak peek,clip (below).

In the new 3rd episode, on the run from Militia, Nora will lead Miles and Charlie back to the Rebel camp. In the meantime, Aaron and Maggie are going to search for Grace. Danny will stand up to one of Captain Neville’s men. Charlie tells Miles,she wants to kick some more major butt at one point.

It’s revealed that Miles actually founded the militia! It looks pretty wild. Episode 3 airs Monday,October 1st at 9pm central time on NBC. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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  1. Nick says:

    I am excited about the new episode of Revolution! At first I wasn’t sure, and then halfway through the week I got really excited for the new episode of Revolution! A lot of my coworkers at DISH were split on the show, some liking it and some hating it, but I’m warming up to the show. My Hopper, thankfully, will record every episode with the PrimeTime Anytime feature, so I don’t have to worry about missing an episode, or choosing it over my other shows. I’m really hoping to see a great series come out of this show, so I’m sticking around for a little while!

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