New Breaking Bad Season 5, 2013 Spoilers Dished Out By Producer Vince Gilligan

Recently, TV Line ,chatted it up with Breaking Bad producer Vince Gilligan,and he dropped a couple,new season 5 spoiler teasers for when the show returns to the airwaves next summer 2013. First,he revealed that Walter looks to be pretty much out of the meth business for good.

Next,he revealed that Jesse will definitely be back in action even though he quit Mr. White’s crew. “It would not be the same show without Jesse Pinkman on it and Aaron’s wonderful contributions. He’s still got a lot of stuff to do yet.” Vince also promised a resolution in the finale.

Next, Vince talked about what Hank might end up doing with his epiphany that Walter is actually Heisenberg. He threw out a couple of possibilities: “Does he walk right out and shoot him? Do you keep your cards close to the vest? Are you able to control the emotions you feel? Are you in a state of shock? We figured perhaps the most interesting ending would be perhaps, on the face of it, the least dramatic. A guy getting the revelation of his life while seated on the [toilet] felt ballsy in its own way.”

Finally,he revealed that they’re definitely not going to try and create a finale that pleases everyone,because that’s one of the most dangerous things they could try to do. However, that’s not going to make it any easier on their writers to create something really good. Stay tuned. The rest of the final season 5 is due to air in the summer 2013. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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