New Breaking Bad Episode 9,Season 5 Spoilers Delayed Until Summer 2013

Recently, revealed that AMC has given their hit show Breaking Bad 16 episodes for season 5. However, they are splitting them up between the summers 2012 and 2013. So,basically what this means is that episode 9 of season 5 will not be airing until next summer 2013! This also means spoilers for that episode won’t be available for quite some time.

Heck, if they wanted to wait a full year to show the back half episodes, they should have just grouped them into another freaking season. It’s also reported that season 5 will be the last season,which is also surprising,considering how successful it is,but oh well.

Basically, the purpose of this article is to let you all know that AMC is making you wait a whole freaking year to see episode 9,so happy waiting,I guess. We’ll post any new spoilers we hear about in the mean time. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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43 Responses

  1. max says:

    wow thats fucking gay ass fuc why the hell are they doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! honestly dont even wanna watch the show anymore jusy caseu the producers re making us wait?? fuc that im not gonna show my support only becuase of that rediculous year long wait, still wondering y there doing this 🙁

  2. oliver says:

    asholes i was looking forward to watching this tonight
    fuck this i will switch to ice road truckers or some other shit selfish asholes !!!!

  3. mark says:

    Just like sopranos season 6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Fuck You!

  4. lol @ max says:

    Ya ok buddy. See you next year.

  5. Anonymous says:

    fucked up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Walter White says:

    They are mean

  7. Lex says:

    yeah either they made two mini seasons out of it or they just make none season showing all 16 episodes in a row. this is very stupid because next year nobody would care or even remember the last episode…….i mean one full year????hello???

  8. Rb says:

    Maybe spend the time re-doing your spelling homework.

  9. breaking good says:

    Bull shit. Fuck this.

  10. scott says:

    yes. I wanted to see season 5 episode 9 awe what a crying shame. That really sucks. Now what do we do in the meantime. Watch reruns of the show. You must be kidding. I had my hopes up to watch episode 9. Don’t you agree? Now we have a super long wait and also leaves me in limbo.

  11. grammar nazi says:

    For the love of God… Should HAVE. Not should OF.

  12. Dubz says:

    This just makes me not want to watch the show anymore.. I mean i love it, but the hell if im going to remember what the f happened in last year’s episodes. Ratings will fall… garunteed

  13. sadpanda says:

    Pfff… maybe i will wait a year, but this isn’t funny anymore. Now it’s just being moved to next year so they can keep boosting their franchises.. If they said they won’t air the full season this year, 60% of the fans probably wouldn’t started on this season this year.

    But i’m loading it from the interwebz for free so who am i to get mad about it.

  14. maddie mcmadderson says:

    fuck that i’m mad bro

  15. Mike says:

    Shut the hell up everyone, you need to remember factors of the characters lives, flynn is now 16 meaning he is still in school in a very important year. Stop all being selfish assholes and think.

  16. This is a pretty moronic way to lose a great deal of your watchers, you imbecilic puppy fucking hacks of a writing team. I, for one, will not be watching episode nine if I have to wait a year, because I will, by then, no longer care about your show.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hahaha Mike!

  18. kay says:

    all those who said the actors have school and blah blah.
    They already filmed all 16 episodes so why dont you read more before putting a retarded comment.

    AMC: You made a huge mistake and I hope your ratings show it next year when 90% of your fans moved on.


  19. navid says:

    Are you joking??? Fuck them! 1year??? FUUUUUUUck

  20. Anonymous says:

    All of you stfu you know you will watch the last 8 episodes we all got this far

  21. Gus says:

    hey, there… im from Brazil… sorry bad inglish (learned it many years ago)… so:
    directors… just: FUCK U!

  22. Qraz says:


  23. ZuneGuy says:

    That is so stupid we have to wait 1 year to finish the season.

  24. Anonymous says:

    fuck you , fuvk you, fuck you. son of bitchs. director sissy

  25. Lolmads says:

    I love all the butt hurt people going on about “I, for on, will not be watching episode 9”. Don’t kid yourself.. you will. Silly fanboy.

  26. bill says:

    They probably didn’t want to compete against NBC Sunday Night Football

  27. BooMoo says:

    That is so stupid we have to wait 1 year to finish the season

  28. VivaLaFilth says:


  29. what a fucking bad news 1!!!
    let them squeeze it and scrap it and put it in their motherfuckers assholes bitches !!!!

  30. WTF BRO says:

    who gives a rip if u downloaded it from the internet its an investment of time. bollocks indeed sir; here here, fuck this, vince gilligan needs to bust into AMC headquarters and get his balls up out of the jar on top of the breakroom refrigerator.

  31. bob says:

    Screw them.. turning the series off … won’t bother … probably just quit watching AMC altogether…
    I guess if they were book publishers, they would print the last chapters later ??

    bye bye AMC

  32. vicky g says:

    bunch of tossers they are, well they can sod off ill watch something else

  33. Dudesama says:

    I know why they are doing it…. cause they are a BITCH

  34. Willie& Christne says:


  35. Chrisfragger says:

    This is like getting some poor SOB hooked on meth, than Cutting the supply for a long time.. So fucking weak.

  36. 5@v3n7Fr0n7 says:

    of all the fan comments Chrisfragger’s was the best. everyone else just said”fuck the director and im done”.

  37. johnjohnbelcher says:

    Well that’s lame as all hell.

  38. Anonymous says:

    there doing it so that they can leave the series on a very high note rather then no one watching itthats why

  39. changboy says:

    Woww lots of commentary here show feels and desapoint, hahaha thats mean many love watch that series, so now watch other things and iam sure when the next episode will be release u all be first to watch it, lol…its the greatest serie ever make ; i got lot of trill looking that wish the next will be good as i saw .

  40. Matt says:

    You guys needs to learn how to spell and learn how to calm down. It will be back, just watch the spoilers for the last few episodes to refresh your memory.

  41. steve says:

    Wow, a lot of you are whiney little brats.

  42. pioneer says:

    wtf i mean really wtf, 1 whole year i was gonna find ninth episode and now this shit.

  43. Seb says:

    well i still have game of thrones, the wire and best of all… DEXTER 🙂 in the mean time so i’m good!

  44. hamid says:

    کیرم دهنتون ، مگر مردم کیر شما هستن؟!!!

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