Big Brother 14 Britney Haynes Got Eliminated Tonight In Week 8

Earlier tonight, the Big Brother season 14 live eviction show for week 8, went down,and unfortunately, it sent another unlucky houseguest off to the jury house. It kicked off with footage of what went down in the house this past week,along with the aftermath of Britney,getting put on the shopping block to replace Dan.

Of course Britney,cried up a storm. Then tried to show a little fight,but it just came across more like sad begging than an actual strategy. Her main man Ian got really upset,and started a shouting match with Frank. Then they showed funny footage of Britney, cracking jokes about Dan’s wicked betrayal of the Quack Pack.

From there, host Julie Chen,chatted with the housguests for a bit before showing a special video segment with the Brigade alliance from Big Brother 12: Enzo,Lane,Hayden,and Matt. They all talked about this season for a bit. Then Enzo said Britney needs to stop the tears,and start fighting more.

After the break, Britney and Danielle gave their final speeches before the houseguest casts their votes to evict. Dan,Jenn,Shane,and Joe voted to evict Britney. Ian voted to evict Danielle. So with a vote of 4-1, Britney got evicted from Big Brother tonight for week 8. Afterwards, she gave her exit interview to Julie Chen.

Next, the remaining houseguests competed for the new HoH. It was an endurance challenge that last past the duration of the show. Currently Ian and Shane are still competing for it,so stay tuned, or get the the live 24 hour feeds by Clicking Here. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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