True Blood Season 6 Definitely Confirmed A Go,New Spoilers Coming Soon

Recently, TV Line revealed that HBO already renewed True Blood for a new season 6 way back in early July 2012,so it sounds like they were extremely confident in it,and they should be as it’s one of their most successful shows. Later on this week, all you True Blood fans should expect to see a few season 6 spoilers teasers pop up as the producers and casts make their press rounds.

We’ll definitely get the first ones posted as soon as we hear anything. In related news, the season 5 finale episode is currently airing on the central coasts,and it looks pretty damn intense as Nora,Eric,and Tara burst into Sookie’s house,begging for her help as they think she’s the only one that can get through to weak-minded Bill to save him from those authority council/Lilith freaks.

Also, Sam,Jessica,and Pam appear to be in some major trouble at the authority headquarters as well. It should be an interesting conclusion to the end of the season. As usual, season 6 will start filming in December 2012,and we’ll be all over it. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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