Justin Bieber Spotted Filming New ‘Boyfriend’ Music Video In Los Angeles

    justin bieber in boyfriend video  image

This past Saturday afternoon,mega popstar Justin Bieber was spotted in downtown Los Angeles,California to film new scenes for his upcoming music video for his latest single “Boyfriend,” and he looked pretty cozy with this actress chick for the video.. However,I’m sure he didn’t get too cozy as his real girlfriend Selena Gomez,showed up on the set to surprise him with huge hugs and kisses. He looked very happy to see her too.

They eventually took a break from filming to giggle,laugh,kiss,and do whatever else it is that they do. Nothing but good times for these two. In related news,Selena is about to head overseas to film her new,action,movie gig called “The Getaway” with veteran actor Ethan Hawke.

A couple weeks ago,Selena,hit up Youtube,and revealed the news. She was very excited about it. We’re not sure if Justin will visit her on that set,but he sure did on her “Spring Breakers” set,so we’ll see. Stay tuned.

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